Supercharge Your Field Data Capture, Organization and Sharing for Excavation and Heritage Site Records

Clirio is the solution.

Archeologists and Geologists need to collect, document orprocess features and artifacts from the field. Previously, this involved manual notetaking of measurements and observations as well as taking plaster molds of the specimens. This data and the molds are then cataloged and stored. With many samples collected over time, fast and easy retrieval of the information for further study is cumbersome. It is also difficult to make the findings available to the public.

An intuitive interface allows colleagues, managers, contractors, or stakeholders to sort, review, compare and action field observations, all synchronized in real-time.

Teams can collaborate as a group in live, remote, virtual holographic meetings around one or more 3D scans from within the app. Clirio accurately documents a “digital twin” of observations as the worksite evolves over time, letting users revisit the site’s current or historical points of interest from anywhere at any time.

Empower field teams.

With Clirio, take 3D scans of the artifacts of interest on site and combine that with field observation notes and photos in one place. As these observations are georeferenced, they are easy to locate and study in context of their site. Using Clirio’s mixed reality display capabilities, display 3D holographic visualizations of the excavated features to students and visitors.

When it comes time to share the data for the project and collaborate with others, simply send out invitations to the team and other stakeholders that give them access to the project where they can collaborate and meet in a virtual space for better coordination and understanding of site specifics and challenges.

Applicable to the following use cases:

  • Site investigation & preparation
  • Inspection & supervision
  • Progress reporting & documentation
  • Proof of work
  • Maintenance planning
  • Incident reporting


Clirio Cloud enables everyone to understand engineering data as 3D holographic models. It allows you to use the data and applications that are already part of your workflow, and start to view, discuss, design, and collaborate in a true three-dimensional space.


Leveraging the power of Azure, complex 3D engineering and geoscience data is rendered in the cloud and delivered securely to clients anywhere in the world for viewing and collaboration.


This provides for a high degree of speed, security, and graphics fidelity to allow project participants to view a digital twin of a project site from phones or tablets, as well as headsets such as Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Quest.

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