Bringing 3D Data Into the Real World

About Clirio

Clirio is a company dedicated to creating leading edge tools and experiences that allow our clients to get the most out of their 3D data. We publish the Clirio app platform to allow customers to create and share their own field-captured, holographic 3D data. We also custom-create holographic data and apps as well as training apps that utilize this technology.

Clirio Apps

Clirio View and Clirio Scan are mobile applications that work together to give you a powerful suite of tools to capture, organize, and share field notes and data. Clirio users employ the app to collect notes, photos and even 3D scans (using the laser scanner built into a new iPad or iPhone Pro). These field observations are automatically geo-referenced within the map-based workspace and managed in a secure cloud database. Learn More.

Custom Development

We can convert the 3D data you have for your project into an interactive digital twin or training app.

We are technology specialists in the holographic presentation of geospatial, photogrammetry, LiDAR and subsurface visualization. We create immersive group meetings and virtual remote collaboration. Learn More.

Clirio created custom training applications using the latest in holographic augmented and mixed reality to achieve unprecedented levels of success and measurability for our clients. Learn More.

Get Started for Free Today

Clirio View and Scan apps are free to download from the App Store, and a free account can be created at We encourage everyone to get started today to see how powerful 3D capture, organization and sharing can be when it is accessible to all.