Cropping Example: Crop with Box

Note: This is the most common scanning crop method. The other cropping options (plane, sphere) work similarly.

  1. Manipulate Scan: Pinch to zoom or shrink the scan view. Tap and drag to change the position of the scan view.
  2. Select a Face: Tap on one of the cube’s faces to select it for cropping on that axis.
  3. Cancel: Abandon your changes and return to the previous screen.
  4. Cube Icons: Tap on these icons to change the face of the cube you are cropping with.
  5. Rotate: Rotate the cube in relation to the scan.
  6. Crop wheel: Drag this wheel left and right to change the crop on the selected cube face.
  7. Reset: Go back to the uncropped version of the scan.
  8. Include/Exclude: Switch between the entire scan being included or excluded in the cube.
  9. Crop: After you have made your cropping adjustments, tap this button to execute them. Be sure to tap this button before tapping ‘Done’.
  10. Done: Exit the cropping tool.
Cropping example.

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