Editing an Observation

  1. Back Button: Go back to the observation pane without confirming any edits.
  2. Display Name & Description: Change the name and description of the observation.
  3. POI: Reassign this observation to a different POI.
  4. UTM: Change the easting and northing coordinates. *
  5. GPS: Change the latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates. * Warning: Use caution when changing these coordinates, as they may result in unpredictable pin placement or map scale in your workspace.
  6. Tags: View the tags associated with this observation.
  7. Add Tag: Add a tag to this observation that is entered into the ‘Enter Text’ field.
  8. Update Position Via Map: Allows you to tap on the workspace base map to manually place the pin for this observation.
  9. Confirm: Save your changes to the observation parameters and go back to the observation pane.
Edit Observation pane.

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