Main Menu – Desktop

  1. Help (?): This button opens the Help Pane with 2 help options:
    A. Go to the Clirio YouTube channel for tutorial videos.
    B. Go to the Clirio website for the Knowledge Base instructional articles.
  2. Most Recent Workspace: If available, this button will show the workspace that you most recently worked on. It will act as a shortcut to open that workspace directly.
  3. Choose Workspace: Go to a list of workspaces available for you to open. Learn more.
  4. User Profile: Goes to the Profile screen to show which account is currently logged in. You can also log out of a current user and log in to a new user (or create a new account). This screen also shows you an indication of any workspaces you have been invited to join. Learn more.
  5. Virtual Meeting: Shows you a list of available virtual meetings, with the option to join them. Learn more.
  6. Exit: Quit the program.
Main Screen
Help Pane

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