1. Help (?): This button opens the Help Pane with 3 help options:
    A. Replay the Getting Started tutorial that was played when the app was first run.
    B. Go to the Clirio YouTube channel for tutorial videos.
    C. Go to the Clirio website for the Knowledge Base instructional articles.
  2. Most Recent Workspace: If available, this button will show the workspace that you most recently worked on. It will act as a shortcut to open that workspace directly.
  3. Choose Workspace: Go to a list of workspaces available for you to open. Learn more.
  4. Create New Workspace: Go to the screen where you can enter the information to create a new workspace. Learn more.
  5. User Profile: Goes to the Profile screen to show which account is currently logged in. You can also log out of a current user and log in to a new user (or create a new account). This screen also shows you an indication of any workspaces you have been invited to join. Learn more.
  6. Virtual Meeting: Shows you a list of available virtual meetings, with the option to join them. Learn more.
  7. Online/Offline Mode: Shows a ‘Wi-Fi’ icon to indicate your current internet connection status (green check for online, red ‘x’ for offline and blue arrow for syncing). You can work in ‘offline mode’, if required, and your observations will be uploaded to the cloud the next time you run the app with an internet connection via the Cloud Manager. Learn more.
    A. Pause Sync: Temporarily stop the automated syncing to the cloud.
    B. Sync List: Shows a list of observations that were recorded in ‘offline mode’, and their current upload status.
    C. Cloud Status: Tap on this icon to view the cloud upload status (if applicable).
  8. Quick Capture Mode: Go straight to capturing observations to an existing workspace and bypass placing the AR map and setting up POIs. Learn More.
Main Screen
Help Pane
Cloud Manager

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