1. Extend Scan: Return to the scanning interface with the selected scan to add additional areas and detail.
  2. Capture Thumbnail: Change/create the thumbnail used for this scan in the scan list. Takes a still image from the current position of the scan in the preview window.
  3. Rename Scan: Change the name of the current scan.
  4. Duplicate Scan: Create a new copy of the scan file in the scan list.
  5. Revert to Original Scan: Remove the texture and any edits you made to the scan. You can click on Process to create a new texture.
  6. View Scan Images: See a slideshow of the images used to create the current scan.
  7. Settings: Access the same settings from the Settings Menu. See more information.
  8. Scan Info: Brings up a dialog box with technical info about the current scan.
  9. Simplify Scan: App will try to reduce the mesh size by up to 50%. This may be helpful with large scans before publishing them.
  10. Smooth Scan: App will simplify the mesh for scan that have a lot of noise in them.
  11. Refine Scan: App will extrapolate the current scan’s mesh to create a smoother texture.
  12. Delete Textured Mesh: App will remove the processed texture of the current scan, while leaving edits intact.
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