Post-Processing in App

The ‘Scan Detail and Edit Options’ screen allows you to view the model, and perform actions such as texturing, editing, and measuring. Rotate the object with one finger, pan and zoom using two fingers.

  • The ‘Process’ feature lets you re-color or texture the model.
  • Use the ‘Measure’ tool to add a bounding box to scan or add a point-to-point scan.
  • Go to ‘Share’ to allow the model to be shared as a variety of formats (USDZ, GLB, GLTF, OBJ, DAE, STL, Point Cloud, or to Sketchfab). For exporting to Ada, use the OBJ option.

‘Crop & Edit’ (under ‘More’ on iPhone) features tools to edit the mesh by cropping with a plane or sphere or transform its position, size, and rotation.

‘Extend’ (under ‘More’ on iPhone) give you the ability to continue adding to a scan that you had previously created.

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