1. Publish to Clirio: Return to the Clirio View app to add this scan to your workspace.
  2. OBJ: Export this scan in the OBJ format. This is the most common export format.
  3. iMessage / USDZ: Send this scan as an attachment to an iMessage.
  4. GLTF: Share with other Android users.
  5. GLB, STL, All Data, DAE, FBX: Export this scan to various formats, depending on your requirements. After selecting a format, choose a location on your device to save, or share with others.
  6. Point Cloud: Export the raw point cloud data in a number of formats.
  7. Sketchfab: Log into your Sketchfab account to upload this scan.
  8. P3d.in: Log into your P3d account to upload this scan.
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