Scan Preview Screen

  1. Manipulate Scan: Pinch to zoom or shrink the scan view. Tap and drag to change the position of the scan view.
  2. Scans: Go back to a list of scans.
  3. Name: Create or change the name of the scan file.
  4. Close: Go back to the Scan Screen.
  5. AR: The selected scan will appear in an augmented reality (AR) view, placing it in the field of view of your device’s camera.
  6. Scan Views: Tap on these buttons to view the different aspects of the scan (mesh only, colorized mesh, textured mesh, wireframe).
  7. Bounding Box: Show measurements for the full extents of your scan.
  8. Navigation Tips (?): Instructions on how to manipulate the scan on the screen.
  9. Delete: Completely delete the scan and all its data.
  10. More: Additional options for the scan. See more information.
  11. Process: Create a texture for the scan or recreate the texture at a different setting. See more information.
  12. Edit: Change the parameters of the scan (crop, alignment, position, and rotation). See more information.
  13. Measure: Access a variety of tools to take measurements of your scan. See more information.
  14. Publish: Move a copy of the scan to the Clirio View app, or export to another file format. See more information.
Scan Preview screen.

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