Scan Sharing

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In the Scan Observation Preview pane, you can select the ‘Share’ button to generate a link that can be shared via email or the web.

  1. The name of the scan you are sharing.
  2. Choose between Private (you want the link to only be accessible by those that have already been invited to the workspace that contains the scan) or Public (you want the link to be accessible by anyone who receives it (including forwarding).
  3. Links expire after 30 days, unless you uncheck this option. Expiring links can be extended another 30 days by clicking on the Renew button.
  4. Select this option if you wish to password protect the link. If so, you will be presented with a field to type the password into.
  5. The link is shown here. Tap on the button beside it to copy the link to your clipboard.
  6. Leave this screen with no further action.
  7. Tap here to go to another dialog box to generate an embed code for this scan observation.
  8. After the link is generated, you can click on the Share button to access the iOS share function (text email, Teams, etc.).
Scan Sharing dialog box

Scan Embedding #

You can generate code in the app to embed your 3D scan into a web page or other type of document.

  1. Go back to the Share dialog box.
  2. Choose either dynamic width or set a specific width (in pixels or rem).
  3. Specify a height in pixels or rem.
  4. This field contains the embed code, based on your choices. Tap on the icon next to it to copy it into your clipboard.
Scan Embed dialog box

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