Scanning Settings

Clirio Scan

has a variety of settings to optimize your scan. Adjustment will vary depending on each situation, but here are some recommendations to start with:

  • General Settings: In the ‘Scans’ view, click on the Settings (Gear) icon and adjust the following settings:
    o Turn off Auto Texture. This will allow for quicker results from your scan for you to see if you want to keep the scan. Texturing can then be done as a next step.
    o Turn on GPS Tag to add GPS metadata to your scans.
  • High res vs. Low res:
    o Low res is the simplest way to capture a scan and has less options. It is recommended for capturing very large areas. Low resolution scans can be converted to higher resolution by using the ‘refine’ feature from the scan detail view.
    o High res mode is more suitable for smaller objects and scenes. The following settings are only available in ‘High res’ mode:
  • Confidence – Options for thresholding the data coming in from the sensor. [LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH] Choosing HIGH only keeps the best quality data but reduces the amount of data available. (e.g., far away values will be discarded).
  • Max Depth / Range – Discards LIDAR data after a certain distance. Limiting range reduces scan size and increases accuracy. Looking through the screen on your device before initiating a scan, adjust the Depth slider so that you are covering the detail you need and disregarding the areas you don’t.
  • Resolution – 5mm to 20mm; Lower values (5mm) mean higher resolution, but also limited scan size. 10-15 mm is recommended.
  • Masking – NONE, OBJECT or PERSON – This feature masks LIDAR data based on the type of object in view. OBJECT attempts to isolate prominent objects in view. For best results, keep the object fully in view, and use on a simple background without other clutter in view. For most scans of features and terrain, NONE would be selected.

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