1. Select: Allows for multiple selection of the scan files for deletion.
  2. Close: Go back to the Scan screen.
  3. Search: Find specific scans in the list by name search.
  4. Scan List: Shows a list of the scans that have been taken
  5. Duplicate: Create a copy of the selected scan.
  6. Publish: Move a copy of the scan to the Clirio View app, or export to another file format. See more information.
  7. Favorite: Mark as a preferred file.
  8. Delete: Delete some or all the files related to this scan. You will be asked if you want to remove all data related to this file, or just the mesh components.
  9. Settings: Bring up the settings options for this app. See the Settings Menu for more info.
  10. Map: View a 2D map showing pins for the locations you have taken scans.
  11. AR: If you have selected a Favorite scan, this will appear in an augmented reality (AR) view, placing it in the field of view of your device’s camera.
Scans screen.

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