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  1. Hide UI for Recording: Turning on this option will hide the buttons on the Scan screen while you are performing a scan.
  2. Auto Texture Small Models: Turning on this option will automatically add texture to smaller scans, and bypass the texturing stage of the app.
  3. Auto Orient Small Models: Turning on this option
  4. Plane Detection: Turning on this option
  5. Units: Choose Metric or Imperial (US) measurement units.
  6. GPS Tag Scans: Turing on this option automatically adds GPS information (only applicable to devices with cellular data capability) to the scan file. Important: turn on this option to ensure scan files place correctly in Clirio View maps. Note: you will need to give the app Location Services permissions in your device’s settings.
Settings menu.

Edit Advanced Settings #

  1. Units Decimal Display:
  2. Show Barcode Button:
  3. Measurements on Scan List:
  4. Code on Scan List:
  5. Measurements on Scan Detail:
  6. Notes Button on Scans:
  7. Always Zip OBJ on Export:
  8. Min. Confidence:
  9. Autoprocess Low Res Scans:
  10. Console Passcode:
  11. Reset Surveys Seen:
Advanced Settings menu.

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