Supported Devices

What devices are supported? 

Capture of 3D Scan observations requires a LiDAR-enabled iOS device: iPad Pro (2020 or 2021) or iPhone Pro 12 or 13.  

Automatic geo-referencing of captured observations requires an iPhone or an iPad model with Cellular+WiFi. Neither an active cellular plan nor a SIM card are required, but the device must be a cellular-capable model since only those devices have GPS/GNSS capability.

Clirio View can run on any iPad, for review of workspace data or creation of observations other than 3D scans. There is also a PC version of the app for reviewing purposes.

Due to limited screen size, it is not recommended users rely on an iPhone for viewing complex data as the iPhone display is too small to support the full capabilities of Clirio View.   

Clirio for HoloLens requires a Microsoft HoloLens 2. 

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