Data Access and Security

Who can view my data?  

Only the author and any users invited to the workspace can view data contained within a workspace. Users must authenticate (log in) to access private workspace data. If a workspace was specified to be public at the time that it was created, anyone can view the workspace and its data.

Where are my worksite observations stored?

When you capture a 3D scan observation, that observation is stored locally on your device and can be accessed any time by clicking the “Scans” button to review previous scans. The scan is also loaded to the Clirio workspace cloud, hosted by Microsoft Azure, once the observation is published to a Clirio View workspace.  When you capture a photo observation from within Clirio View, the photo is also saved to the standard iOS photo roll on your iPad or iPhone, and can be shared or used like any other photo. The photo is also saved to the Clirio workspace cloud.

Is my data secure?

All user information is securely stored on Microsoft Azure cloud servers and protected by the Microsoft authentication and access systems and protocols upon which the Clirio apps are built.

Can I use the same email address for my Apple and Clirio account? 

Both accounts can share the same email address but not recommended as it may be confusing for other users to share data from a local or Apple account. When receiving a workspace invitation using an email tied to both accounts, each account will receive the same invitation to view the workspace.  

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