What is Clirio?

What is Clirio? 

Currently, the Clirio app consists of Clirio View and Clirio Scan.  Together, they create a nimble, lightweight multi-user platform for instantly capturing, sharing, reviewing, and resolving worksite field observations, issues, or updates. 

Are both Clirio View and Scan required to view map data? 

Both apps are not required to view map data and make observations. Only Clirio View is needed to view maps and observation. Clirio Scan is only required when attempting to create and upload a scan. 

What is a POI?  

POI or Point Of Interest is a georeferenced point on the basemap which houses observations taken within the surrounding area.  

What is an observation? 

An observation can be one of four things: 

  • An image taken using the current device’s camera 
  • An image uploaded from local storage 
  • A comment  
  • A scan of a location or object taken from Clirio Scan 

All of which can be created from within the observation manager from within a workspace. All observations contain meta data including GPS coordinates. 

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