Version Notes

Clirio View 1.0.57 (iOS) #

New features and updates to the Clirio app include:
Non-AR mode for improved field use:

  • Users no longer required to place the basemap to add observations to a workspace
  • 3D orthographic view is default map view
  • 2D orthographic map view to streamline data collection in the field with compass heading

UI/UX improvements:

  • Changes to accommodate large amounts of data in workspaces including ability to close observations from the Observation Manager
  • Improved observation grouping logic on maps
  • Updates to Scan View UI

Various bug fixes

Clirio View 1.0.57 (iOS and HoloLens) #

  • Scan level of detail (LOD) system implemented to improve app performance by optimizing scan models
  • Improved file upload manager service. By clicking on the file upload icon, files queued for upload to Clirio Cloud are visible. Users have the option to pause file uploads.
  • Quick Capture Mode allows users to generate workspaces, POIs and observation meta data automatically. In Quick Capture mode, observations are stored locally to avoid any potential data transfer issues due to poor network connectivity. Meta data can be edited after the data has been uploaded to their workspace.
  • Scan models are now sharable. User are able share private or public links to scans from their workspaces.
  • Workspace invitations now have dialogue messages to remind users that only workspace owners may invite other users to their workspace.
  • Offline mode allows users to create observations without an internet connection. Observations are stored locally until the device is connected to the internet.
  • Improvements to Scan Comparison Tool UI.
  • Various bug fixes

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