An End-to-End Solution to Bring Field Workers, Experts and Stakeholders Together

The Metaverse for the Real World

A metaverse is an extended-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. Clirio empowers teams to create a private metaverse representing their real-world work site. This enables immersive collaboration around rich visual layers such as current and historical field scans, 3D designs and models, mapping or measurements.

Using any combination of standard tablets, PCs or virtual- and augmented-reality headsets, team members can collect field observations in true 3D and organize these observations in time and space relative to a basemap of their work site.

Clirio automatically georeferences site data and easily creates time and change comparisons. Use one app to capture all your field site data together.

Review your data in an intuitive way, recalling and viewing what you want when you need it. Quickly onboard anyone in the organization with minimal training.

Improved Communication

It is often difficult to create a common operational understanding of site conditions with incomplete or disorganized field data. This is exacerbated when field updates are scattered across emails and shared folders.

The Clirio Platform enables teams to show critical changes to site conditions for engineering analysis or safety reviews and track worksite progress over time in a unified, data-secure environment. Obtain actionable data with a sense of place.

You can quickly distribute updates and get all team members on the same page around project data and site conditions, from multiple remote locations.

Client and stakeholder buy-in is now possible on complex site data in an easily understandable and accessible way.

Time & Money Savings

Projects commonly suffer from critical delays due to the disconnect between field observations and the input required from key decision makers. Getting the right expert to the site can add considerable time and cost to a project.

Clirio Apps facilitate the coordination of remote, virtual, technical project reviews using holographic visualization on a variety of devices. Experts view a common digital twin of the project site, highlight areas of interest with map-based observations (photos, notes and 3D scans), and verbally communicate via the viewing hardware.

You can accomplish your project review sessions safely and on schedule without compromising the outcome. Save travel time and costs as an added bonus.


Clirio uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud to ensure that your data remains secure at all times. Data can also be appropriately geolocated if required. This gives you convenience of access anywhere.


Clirio provides a clear, high-resolution representation of your 3D spatial data. Plus, it provides views and perspectives that may have been missed when viewing via a 2D screen. It’s the better way to collaborate on a project, either locally or remotely.


Communicate with other team members or stakeholders directly through the app. Spatial audio (on the HoloLens) makes it feel like the other participants are in the room with you–even if they are half a world away.

Accessible to All

Always Free

A free version of the app is available to everyone.

Simple to Use

Join a virtual group meeting in two quick taps.


Hosts can guide and direct the presentation of data.


Users can view 3D data up to 1:1 scale.

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