Increase Training Consistency, Efficacy, and Measurability

Clirio’s Customized Immersive Training

Clirio creates custom training applications using the latest in holographic augmented- and virtual-reality to achieve unprecedented levels of trainee engagement and confidence. Whether your focus is safety, operations, technical competencies or orientation, Clirio will design, produce and deliver unmatched custom immersive training experiences.

Why Immersive?

Immersive Learning enables practice and repetition in a safe environment that feels like real life.

Training can be a significant disruption to normal operations. Immersive Learning saves costs by consistently re-creating high-value locations or equipment anywhere, anytime. With immersive simulations, dangerous scenarios become safe and confidence-inspiring. Repetition is easy and trainee mistakes have no cost or consequence.

Extended-reality training has been shown to increase training efficiency by 60% and reduce training time by 30% while improving knowledge acquisition and retention.

Because Immersive Learning is experiential, it transcends language and cultural barriers.

Immersive Scenarios

Repeatable, consistent and measurable training scenarios that were not previously possible.

  • Re-create difficult or dangerous scenarios
  • Avoid tying up expensive equipment or facilities
  • Ensure perfect consistency, session to session
  • Empower trainees to make mistakes and learn through repetition, without consequence or cost
  • Eliminate travel or weather challenges
  • Improve engagement, retention and assessment

Guided Training

Clirio develops process-oriented or equipment-oriented immersive training using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides platform on the HoloLens mixed-reality headset.

  • For employees or for customers of your products or equipment
  • Learn during the flow of work with heads-up, hands-free holographic guidance
  • Instruction cards are visually tethered to the place where the work is done
  • Holographic cues to guide the process
  • Incorporate images, videos, and 3D holographic models

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